Our Chicken is from Sargent farms from Milton ON. They have high quality boneless breast product that is not pumped full of water and remains tender and juicy when cooked.

Our turkey is from Hayter’s Farms out of Dashwood ON. We feel these are the best Free Run Turkey’s on the Market and bring them in fresh all year round and take special orders for every major holiday. You can order a Boneless turkey roll, boneless Turducken (both made in the store), or a whole fresh turkey.

We try hard to accommodate all requests with poultry as we deal with the whole bird.


Certified AA and AAA Canadian Grade beef for custom cutting (side, front, or hind). Prices do vary week to week and it usually takes 3-4 weeks to complete the order. Allow time for ordering and then at least two weeks to age, then cutting.

Our beef is from southern Ontario farmer and packing houses, such as Cargill and St.Helen’s. For more information about Ontario Beef visit Make it Ontario Beef.


Sides of pork are available but not as popular as you can purchase whole portions of individual cuts at a great price. Fresh more often is the key! Pork is delivered fresh from Conestoga Meats.


Fresh Ontario Lamb. Racks, legs, shanks, loin chops, Spiedini (tiny kabobs) available upon request.


Provimi veal (white – milk fed veal) the best and most tender you can buy. Chops, Prime Rib, Scaloppini (cutlets) tenderized or non-tenderized.


We order fresh local buffalo carcasses as often as we can. It is a great tasting meat that is similar to beef but is leaner, higher in protein and tends to be sweeter tasting. Cooking is the same as beef but try not to overcook, as it will end up tough as there is less marbleing to keep the tenderness. Ground buffalo burgers, Mild and hot sausages and all the prime cuts are available.

Smoked Fish

Bring in your catch of the day fresh or frozen and we can smoke it.

Flavours include: Dill, Lemon Pepper, Regular, Cajun, or Honey.

In addition to smoking we make stuffed fish rolls that are stuffed with wild rice, peppers, and havarti cheese with the option of having seafood.

Porketta Pan

If you are having a party, stop in to order one of our cooked porkettas in a pan. They are generally 5lbs of cooked porketta in each pan and they can feed upto 10 people. We would require at least 24 to 48 hours notice.

Wild Game

When bringing in animal carcass it must be clean, dressed, and skinned. Ring the bell at the back door and we can help. Several options are avaialble depending on the size of animal, but basic cutting is 100% boneless.

Available cuts: steaks, chops, shoulder roasts (or a hip roast if preferred) and hamburger in 1 ½ - 2 lbs balls. Everything is wrapped in freezer wrap or vacuum packed (extra charge).

Please visit the Hunters' Den for more details regarding prices and processing